Available Plans

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€ 8,90 /month
  • 1vCore
  • 2GBMemory Ram
  • 15GBSSD Disk


€ 14,90 /month
  • 2vCores
  • 4GBMemory RAM
  • 30GBSSD Disk


€ 25,90 /month
  • 4vCores
  • 8GBMemory Ram
  • 60GBSSD Disk

Services Included

All our virtual servers benefit from the following features:

Public IPv4 Address

250 Mbps (Unlimited*)

DDoS Protection

Optional Services

You can still subscribe to the following services:

Up to 8 additional IPv4 addresses

BGP Session

Come meet our network!

With a presence in strategic locations in Europe, such as Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, in order to guarantee low latencies from any location.



You can still subscribe to the following services:

CLOUDITY provides a vast selection of operative systems to be installed on your server, such as Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS or you can also bring your own ISO to install your own OS, as long as it's compatible with the hardware in use. In case of Operative Systems that require licensing, such as Windows, all payments related to the licensing fees should be paid for by the customer.

Yes! We have a wide variety of IP addresses that can be rented for € 2,00 + Sales Tax for each IP address. There is a maximum limit of 8 IP addresses per server, however we are always open for customized solutions that best fit your needs.

In our network, it is expected to have ~1.5ms of latency to Porto and 5ms to Lisbon, which provide a fast connection to the most central places in Portugal. We also have a Looking Glass which allows you to check the latency from our network to any location in the world.

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* CLOUDITY can limit your internet access as a way to avoid the network conggestion and guarantee it's functionality, security, and utilization quality.