Our Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure is splitted in 2 main components: Edge and Coure Routers.

The edge routers are the main place of entrance and exit traffic, where our upstream and private & public peers are present.

The core router, located in our datacenter, is the traffic receptor of all our edge routers.

Edge Routers:

  • Braga, Portugal
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have an open peering policy. For additional information, please check our: PeeringDB

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are a problem that every online service is exposed to the possibility of receiving a DDoS attack, potentially affecting the reliability of the services running on the server(s). Cloudity ascertains that your services will be protected against this nature of threats. We invest and work hard, in a continuous manner, in a sophisticated DDoS protection that analyzes every traffic that arrives to our datacenter, and when an attack is detected, mitigation measures are applied on the edge of our network, in an immediate and automated manner.

Choosing CLOUDITY means protecting yourself against attacks such as:

  • UDP Flood
  • SYN Flood
  • ICMP Flood
  • Amplification Attacks

Among others...

Network Shield